Homeopathic Doctor in Houston Texas

Homeopathic Doctor In Houston Texas

Welcome to the brand new website of Dr. Karl Robinson. Dr. Robinson is not only long time practioner of classical homeopathy, but also an MD.

Homeopathy is a powerful alternative to conventional medicine and can often cure deep-seated chronic illnesses that pharmaceutical medicine can only palliate. It is based on different principles and the journey from sickness to wellness under homeopathic treatment is quite a different experience from drug-based treatment.

For phone consultations, classes, or to schedule an office visit in Houston or in our Albuquerque, New Mexico office, please call Dr. Karl Robinson at:

Phone: (713) 621-3184

One of the most common questions I get is, "What diseases can homeopathy cure?" Click here for the answer to that question.

You can learn more information on homeopathy by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions.