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If a Person is Being Treated With Drugs, Can He or She be Treated Homeopathically at the Same Time?

In an ideal practice, the homeopath would only see patients who were free from the symptom-suppressing effects of drugs. Drug-free patients provide clearer symptoms making it easier to choose the appropriate homeopathic medicine. In the real world, however, it could be dangerous for the patient with a chronic illness to stop drugs so they will be continued as homeopathic treatment gets under way. Later, with sufficient improvement, the homeopath might recommend decreasing and then stopping certain drugs. An M.D. homeopath can himself wean a patient off drugs. Other homeopaths would have to work with a medical doctor. Patients should never just stop their drugs on their own.

Although drugs like thyroid and insulin do not seem to interfere with homeopathic treatment, some prescription drugs do. Say you had migraines which had ceased under homeopathy. Then you get an infection, go to another doctor and take antibiotics – perhaps not realizing that homeopathy could have treated the infection. Within a few days or weeks the migraines reappear. In that case the antibiotics antidoted (cancelled) the homeopathic cure. Not to worry. Homeopathy can again handle your headaches. Schedule a visit to your homeopath for retreatment.

Remember, once you have started homeopathy, it is best to stay with homeopathy.