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Homeopathy In Pregnancy

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Homeopaths are often asked if homeopathic medicines are safe during pregnancy. Yes, they most certainly are as long as they are not given day after day, week after week as there have been reports of miscarriage when prescribed in this manner. When the woman receives one or two or three doses for a given problem there is no danger whatsoever either to the mother or the developing child.

A 35 year old pregnant woman came to see me over thirty years ago saying that she thought the fetus was no longer alive and growing. She had one child. She had had two abortions. This was her fourth pregnancy.

She estimated she was in the 14th or 15th week. An ultrasound done by her obstetrician five days earlier showed the fetus to be smaller than it should have been. He told her to come back in a week for a repeat ultrasound and that she would probably need a D&C (dilatation and curettage) as the fetus by that time would probably have died.

She was confused and did not know what she should do. She said she had been bleeding “as if I’m having a period” and passing small pieces of tissue. Her description certainly did not sound good to me and I thought probably the fetus was no longer alive.

She had the following symptoms:

  • “On the verge of tears.”
  • “Impatient.”
  • “Irritable.”
  • “My eyes have become very sensitive to the sun.”
  • “Constipated.”
  • “I’m more sensitive to perfumes.”
  • “I’ve felt hotter than usual over the past few weeks.”
  • “I want cool air.”
  • “My thirst has increased.”
  • “The sun bothers me unless I am by a pool and can jump in and cool off.”
  • She said she definitely did not seek or want consolation and preferred to be alone.
  • Fried, fatty foods digested nicely.

After analyzing the symptoms and referring to a repertory (A repertory is a large book containing thousands of symptoms that the various homeopathic medicines can cure.) I selected the medicine Pulsatilla.

I telephoned her obstetrician who said he would lay odds that she had a missed abortion (a technical term for a miscarriage about to happen) and that she should watch out for excessive bleeding or fever in which case she should contact him immediately for a D&C.

The following morning the patient telephoned to say: “In the middle of the night, around 12:30 a.m. I awoke with heavy, painful cramping.  I felt I was in labor.  I walked around and got into different positions trying to relieve the pain. I tried getting on my knees which didn’t help.  I tried sitting on the toilet which didn’t help either.  Finally, I lay down and began to do deep breathing.  I was by that time having long contractions followed by relaxations.  I breathed into the contractions and it was deeply relaxing.  I fell asleep and woke about 3:30 a.m. when my son called for me.  I got up and went straight to the toilet and the fetus fell into the bowl.  I fished it out.  The fetus was ½ inch in diameter and was surrounded by a 3 inch sac filled with water.  I had passed the whole thing intact.”

Keep in mind the fetus was no longer alive so that the mother’s health was key. How fortunate that she could expel the dead fetus in a quick, safe and gentle manner and not have to undergo a surgical procedure.