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Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treated With Homeopathy


A three year old child, bitten on her left forearm by a Brown Recluse Spider, was hospitalized. She was lying on her back and not very responsive to any stimulation—verbal or touch. She had been unresponsive for many hours. She was covered in perspiration. Temperature 100.3ºF.

The venom of the Brown Recluse Spider is extremely toxic and causes a blackish ulcer to appear at the site of the bite. As the venom spreads outward it causes the blood to breakdown and purplish bruising to appear together with swelling. The patient can have fever and chills and if unlucky can become drowsy and even comatose.

This little girl had an IV in her good arm and was receiving both an antibiotic and steroids.

A medical student, who was studying homeopathy, was on the pediatric service at the time. He realized the antibiotic and steroids were not acting and thought that if the child worsened she could develop a generalized blood infection (septicemia) and might have to undergo disfiguring surgery, possibly even an amputation.

As it was, the swelling had already extended from the forearm up to and including the shoulder.

After consulting with several other homeopaths, he decided on Lachesis which is prepared from the venom of the Bushmaster snake. Because he knew that none of the doctors in the hospital would permit the use of homeopathic medicines, he placed a few drops of Lachesis in a syringe, added water and, without being noticed, dripped some drops into her mouth.

Within ten minutes, the child suddenly woke up out of her semi-comatose state, stood up in the crib and started screaming bloody murder. She was crying for her mother and wanted to be picked up. Lachesis had so changed her energy that she had gone from a state of limpness and near lifelessness to a zesty, screaming girl. Before Lachesis she felt no pain. After Lachesis she became very sensitive to pain.

Whenever a patient goes from a stuporous or dazed condition without pain to one of alertness with pain you can be sure they are improving.

From then on the child’s wound began to heal. The swelling went down quickly but the ulcer took several days to heal up. The rest of the hospitalization was uneventful and she was discharged.