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You Keep Referring to “Classical” Homeopathy. What Other Kinds of Homeopathy Are There?

The simple answer is the classical homeopath uses one and only one medicine at a time. Other practitioners give combinations of homeopathic medicines. While these often act, one never knows which of the various ingredients actually did the job, so it is difficult to be precise. Also combinations often give momentary relief and the underlying problem tends to recur.

Some practitioners use machines to diagnose and prescribe homeopathic medicines. They, too, have their successes. However, the classical homeopath believes that machines can never take the place of a detailed history which seeks out the all important mental symptoms. Machines simply can’t pick up on subtle sensations or mental and emotional states.

Also, the classicist, after giving one remedy, waits to let it act. He usually waits four weeks in a chronic case before deciding the medicine did or did not act. Other types of practitioners are more likely to give many more medicines in a shorter period of time. Often this simply confuses the picture, making cure more difficult.