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Warts–Cured with Sulphur

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Warts—those annoying growths that appear on the skin looking like tiny cabbages. Presumably caused by viruses, they are usually burned off by the dermatologist only to grow again somewhere else.

How does homeopathy treat warts?

There are certain homeopathic medicines that are famous for removing warts such as Thuja occidentalis, Causticum and Nitric acid.

All the homeopathic books mention these medicines and many homeopaths give them in a routine sort of way. But that is NOT homeopathy. There are no specifics in homeopathy. As a result, those three medicines only sometimes remove warts.

Why is this? It is because we treat the disease THROUGH THE INVIDIVIDUAL. It is the individual who is producing the warts. The individual is unique with unique characteristics and these characteristics have little to do with the wart. Yet, paradoxically, they do have something to do with the wart.

Let’s see how it works out.

A 14 year old boy came to me in March, 2005, with warts on his fingers near his nails. Several years earlier, he had warts on the soles of his feet. They had been burned off by a dermatologist.

This is NOT the way to treat warts. They are NOT a local, external disease. Yes, they do appear on the exterior. Yes, they do localize on the skin. But, they can only be there because of the cooperation of the whole organism. Nothing occurs without the permission of the larger whole. The virus cannot take root and grow the wart unless conditions permit.

It’s a bit like growing orchids. They need the right soil, the right temperature and the right mixture of sun and shade. All factors together permit orchids to grow.

So if you want to kill off your orchid, you can snip it off the stem, but it may very well grow back. But if you change the conditions so they become inhospitable, the orchid will wither and die.

And so it is with warts. If you burn them off, they will grow back either in that spot or elsewhere. Best to make the environment so strong and healthy that the virus that makes the wart cannot survive.

I discovered this teenager was hot-natured, i.e., he had good body heat and preferred cooler weather. He uncovered in bed at night. He regularly had a bowel movement immediately on rising in the morning.

He also described, “An empty sensation in the stomach.” It occurred daily around 11 a.m.

Now, that is striking! When I search for that symptom in the Repertory (a large concordance of symptoms and the medicines that cure them) I find it easily. The leading medicine under the heading, “STOMACH, Emptiness, morning, 11 a.m.” is Sulphur. It happens that people who need Sulphur are warm-natured and prefer the cool and tend to have their bowel movement immediately or soon after rising.

Notice! I paid scant attention to the wart. Rather, I paid attention to what we homeopaths call “The Totality of the Symptoms.” These lead me to Sulphur which he received and the warts slowly receded and ceased growing in two to three months.

Four and a half years later, I saw him for another problem and learned the warts never came back.