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What Do I Expect Now That I’ve Been Treated?

Hopefully you’ll start to get better. This can be rapid if it is an acute problem or slow if it is a deeper problem. If you have been very ill for years it will take months.

Sometimes the patient feels worse in the first day or two or three. This is actually a good thing as it signifies the Vital Force has been stimulated and is beginning to make things happen. Homeopaths call this initial worsening an aggravation. Occasionally it will go on longer than three days, especially if it is a skin problem. But in general it is a good thing. If you should call your homeopath he will undoubtedly tell you not to worry, that it will pass. But do call if you are concerned.

Sometimes it is next to impossible to know if you are having an aggravation (in those first days) or if you are coming down with an acute illness such as influenza. If it is an acute illness it is usually obvious within a day or two. Most homeopaths prefer not to treat an acute illness coming on soon after the constitutional medicine was given. But if the illness becomes quite severe then, of course, he will treat it. If it is an aggravation you can expect an intensification of some or all of your presenting complaints.

In a chronic condition some improvement will usually be obvious by the third and fourth weeks. There are often many changes for the better, including but not limited to the problem you came in for. Often there is a new sense of well being. Often the homeopathic medicine can work very deeply and many old (even years old) symptoms will return briefly and disappear. These old systems are a kind of retracing and are a very good sign.