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Cars Whizzing By—No Sense of Danger, Lyme Disease Cured by Homeopathic Opium

In homeopathic prescribing it is often a strange trait or habit that leads us to the correct medicine. Such was the case of a man with Lyme Disease who had virtually no sense of danger even when in a dangerous situation. How his fearlessness lead to the medicine that cured him is the subject of this report.

A 32 year old police officer tested positive for Lyme Disease a month before coming in for homeopathic treatment. Lyme Disease is caused by a bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi, which is transmitted by the bite of an infected tick. It causes fever, headache, fatigue and a skin rash. It can progress into a debilitating disease affecting the joints, heart and nervous system. It is especially well-known for its arthritic symptoms. It is usually treated with antibiotics.

Two years earlier he had been bit by an insect, unseen by him at the time. Sixteen months later, towards the end of 2008, he noticed fatigue. “I started feeling tired all the time,” he said. “It was more than sleepiness—it was a deep fatigue.” About the same time he became uncharacteristically irritable. “I was quick to snap at my wife and child—very impatient. At the slightest provocation I would become very angry and argumentative.”

He put on weight—from 190 pounds to 210—without dieting.

His stamina declined. Where he had run four to six miles a day, he was now pushing to do one mile.

“My mental acuity is way down,” he said.

His wife chimed in. “He was normally very quick. Now he takes longer.”

“I used to be a pilot in the Air Force,” he said, “and I was always making quick decisions. Now, as a police officer in the squad car I’m much slower on the computer and I’m making mistakes.”

He was waking at night with one or the other of the upper extremities “paralyzed.” It mostly affected the right upper extremity and had occurred once or twice a month for the past year.

“When I sit on the toilet one or both legs from the thighs down go numb on me,” he said. “That happens about once a week.”

Before he took sick he got by on five to six hours of sleep a night. Gradually, he began to sleep more and more. One day he slept twenty-one hours!

“One day I kept trying to wake him,” said his wife. “I spoke to him again and again and later, when he finally did awaken, he didn’t remember anything I had said.”

He had become very groggy for a good two hours after waking. “I feel like a zombie,” he said.

I asked about his interests. “I’m an adrenaline junkie,” he joked, and related how he had ridden dirt bikes, high performance street bikes and loved to rappel, a technique whereby the climber descends the face of a cliff by sliding down a rope passed under one thigh, across the body, and over the opposite shoulder. He and a friend once rappelled 300 feet down a mountain face.

“And I love being a police officer,” he said.

“How are you in dangerous situations?” I asked.

“I feel relaxed,” he said very simply and then related how some time ago he had put his cell phone on the roof of his car and forgotten it was there. He drove off and when he got to an intersection he braked causing the phone to slide forward down the windshield, hood and onto the street. It was a busy intersection and though cars were whizzing by he calmly walked to the phone and picked it up.

“How close were the cars to you?”

“They were going right by within a foot or two of my head.”

He got back into the car and remarked to his wife, “I think I’m too comfortable around moving cars.”

Indeed, I thought so, too, and began thinking of homeopathic Opium which is derived from actual opium. Of course, in the process of converting it into the homeopathic preparation it is diluted so many times that no molecules of the original opium remain.

Opium is a medicine that is used when the patient sleeps long and deeply and feels groggy on waking which was certainly true of him. People who need Opium are often risk takers and can have no sense of danger in dangerous situations.

It also covered his other symptoms—numbness and paralysis of the limbs and his irritability. People who need homeopathic Opium often have keen senses.

I asked about his hearing. He said it was acute.

“And your vision?”

“I’m 20/15 in one eye and 20/17 in the other,” he said. Normal is 20/20 so his vision was considerably better than normal.

He received a dose of Opium and within a few weeks all symptoms resolved. He related how he and his partner responded to a breaking and entering. When they arrived on the scene the perpetrator was swinging a large, heavy object into a door, trying to break it down. They managed to swiftly cuff the suspect and then call various law enforcement agencies in a few minutes. He did his job thoroughly and efficiently and received a commendation from his senior officer.

Obviously, his mental acuity was better than ever.

He has remained well.

The conventional treatment for Lyme Disease is to take antibiotics for weeks, sometimes months, and even with the treatment many patients fail to recover. This man recovered with one dose of high potency (diluted many times) Opium.