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Dyslexia + Failure to grow–both improved

The correct homeopathic medicine can correct more than one problem at the same time as the following case of dyslexia and failure to grow illustrates.

Sam, a boy of slight build, born in July 1996, was brought in by his mother with the complaint of “slow growth” and “low weight.” Indeed, at 59 ½ lbs, 4 feet 8 ¾ inches tall, he was definitely small for his age. I saw him first in early April, 2010.

He was wearing a frayed, pink baseball cap with the visor curled down sharply on the sides. On the cap were the words: “Don’t Mess With Texas” and “I build stuff.”

“I’m a builder,” he said proudly and quite matter-of-factly.

“What have you built?” I asked.

“I built a cardboard tank,” he said. “It is five feet long and four feet wide and there is a turret.” According to his father, whom I saw later, this was no ordinary model tank. It was huge. Seth fashioned struts out of cardboard, and used bits and pieces of scraps from all over the house and yard to make this tank. Then he painted it. He would stand inside of this elaborate construction and walk around pretending to be a tank in war mode.

He had also built a huge model of a Cessna plane that had a seven foot wing span and a fuselage six feet long. It was also very elaborate and well-constructed.

“I like to build what I see in my mind,” he said.

He was quite proud of his skills and also mentioned he had repaired an “Airsoft” gun for his brother. Airsoft guns are replica firearms that propel plastic pellets using either compressed gas or a spring-driven piston.

He had an innocent and straightforward way about him and altogether I found him quite charming.

In addition to his smallish stature, he had significant scoliosis and wore a corrective back brace which he didn’t like very much.

His mother said he was “dyslexic” and, when asked to describe exactly what she observed, she said, “He sees his creations in three dimensions in his head and then he draws what he sees or he will build directly from his imagination. When he reads he switches the order of words on the page. When he reads a word like ‘cat’ he will see a cat in his head. The problem is with small words, like articles, as he cannot see them.”

He was having trouble falling asleep and it took him around two hours.

He worried about going to any social gathering where there were people he didn’t know. “I’m shy about making friends,” he said. He disliked being the center of attention. Often, he simply did not know why he felt anxious.

He liked to play in the mud.

He had a pet snake called Hobbs and he was utterly at ease with Hobbs despite the fact Hobbs had bitten him six times, once on his face. He was completely unconcerned that Hobbs might be dangerous.

“I should perhaps mention,” his mother said, “that he has an older brother, Bob, who works on tug boats and is away for twenty days at a time. Seth tends to stutter more when Bob comes home.”

His mother said he was “meticulous” about the way he kept his bedroom. “He is a routinist,” she said. “When he gets anxious or very timid, he cannot be reasoned out of it.”

The fifth of seven children, he was hot-natured and liked cold drinks. Strong love of fruit. Wanted a fruit salad instead of a cake for his birthday.

I was struck by two things: Sam’s extraordinarily creative mind and the fact he didn’t seem to mind being bitten by Hobbs, the snake. To have a pet snake is one thing; not to be bothered in the least when that snake bites you, especially when it bites you in the face, is something else. I felt it was misplaced confidence. He should have been concerned. It lead me to the Baryta group of medicines. People who need Barya often have a habit or manner that is inappropriate. Because he was hot-natured and so imaginative I chose one of the iodides.

Sam received a single dose of Baryta iodatum

Two months later:

He was sleeping better and falling asleep quickly. “I know he must be because he no longer comes into our bedroom to complain about not falling asleep,” his mother reported.

His weight at 59 ½ lbs. was unchanged. But his height was now 4’ 9 ½–a gain of ¾ inch! In only two months!

I asked him to read aloud and he did so quite fluently. “This is amazing,” his mother said. His father concurred. “This boy was profoundly dyslexic,” he said.

“Also, he is exhibiting a boldness that has surprised me and my husband,” his mother said.  “Another thing, he is taking more responsibility. We have a sailboat and he is doing much more to look after it.”

When his older brother, Bob, came home, his stuttering was less noticeable.

He had recently been to have his back brace checked. The orthopedist said not to expect more than a fifty percent correction in the brace. When checked last week, Sam was correcting one hundred percent wearing the brace.

At three months:

His mother reported general growth. “Even his joints are growing bigger,” she said.

Remember, there is no one homeopathic medicine for dyslexia or for increasing growth. Only the medicine that fits the whole person, physically and mentally, can bring about such dramatic changes.