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Homeopathy and Modern Medicine Contrasted

The world has long been seeking a way of healing that works deeply and gently to restore the sick to health. Homeopathy is such a way of healing, a medicine that can soothe the disturbances we call “disease”, calming them until what had been a torment subsides. Homeopathy works from the core outward, from the deep to the shallow, from extreme pain to lesser pain, from lesser pain to irritation, and from there to a mere bother, finally resolving into a sense of well-being.

A storm raging on the sea, stirs up a tumult of waves and shrieking wind. As it subsides, the waves begin to lessen, the wind diminishes and calm ensues. So it is with disease that ravages the body and tortures the mind. With the correct homeopathic medicine, the disturbance we call disease gradually lessens allowing the person to return to a state of equilibrium and health. The body’s natural state is one of energetic equilibrium—a state of balance where neither the emotions are out of control nor is the body wracked with suffering—a state where the person is free of both emotional and physical torment and he or she can get about fulfilling their chosen role in life.

As it is now, the entrenched medicine of our day takes a simplistic, mechanistic view of health and disease. Health has become little more than having “normal” numbers: normal blood pressure, normal cholesterol, normal counts of red and white blood cells, and so on. If the many investigations determine you are within statistical normalcy, you are considered well. You might not feel particularly well, but your numbers say you are.

If your blood pressure is high, there are drugs to drive it down. If your cholesterol is deemed high, there are other powerful drugs to drive it to acceptable levels. Forty years ago a cholesterol of 250 milligrams was considered normal. That number decreased over the years and now it is considered normal only if it is below 200 milligrams.

The energetic concept of healing whereby the body, assisted by a few gentle nudges, can heal itself, is nowhere encountered in modern medicine. Rather, today’s MD’s believe in chemically induced normalcy. If you are depressed and your level of the neurotransmitter, serotonin, is low there are drugs to increase its production. If you are manic there are other drugs to bring you down.

Chemical manipulation is the name of the game in which the rules declare that numbers that fall outside of a statistical norm must be remedied by a chemical compound. This has resulted in ever more powerful chemical solutions to a problem which, according to homeopathic philosophy, is essentially a problem of energetic disequilibrium and should be treated as such.

We are not mere meat. There is a power; homeopaths call it the Vital Force, that guides the hundreds of billions of enzymatic reactions going on inside the billions of cells. In sickness, it is the Vital Force that is disturbed, or so we homeopathic physicians believe. This vital energy guides the biochemical and physiological processes to work smoothly and harmoniously in health. If the Vital Force itself is disturbed, it disrupts the biochemistry and physiology causing either too much or too little of the many body substances to be produced. Much as a magnet will cause iron filings to line up, so also will the healthy Vital Force encourage the physical body to function in a life enhancing manner.

The Vital Force animates the body. It is subtle. It cannot be seen or smelled, felt or weighed. Yet it is just as necessary to human life as the sun is to all life on planet Earth. Though it is subtle, it is by no means weak. When the Vital Force falls into disharmony, the biochemistry and physiology follow suit and illness results. When the correct homeopathic medicine restores the Vital Force, bringing it into harmony, the sick are restored to health.

What do sick people want? It is very simple. They want health, abundant health. What they want to know is how to go from sickness to health in the most effective, safe and gentle way possible. This book must address their concerns. Yes, you can get well, and, yes, homeopathy can get you there.

We are faced with a great crisis. Our citizenry is not well as I shall later define wellness and the system of healthcare not only is not addressing this epidemic of unwellness, it is in many ways contributing to it. Chronic disease marches on unrelentingly despite the billions of pills swallowed daily by our citizens. The chronic diseases are those not cured once acquired. They include diabetes, heart and cardiovascular disease, hypothyroidism, the autoimmune diseases, autism, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, cancer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s…the list goes on and on.

Chronic disease is a hydra-headed monster. One of Hercules’ Twelve Labors, was to slay the Lernean Hydra, a fiendish, monstrous serpent with nine heads. As Hercules cut off one head with his sword, two more would burst forth in its place. So it is with the chronic diseases—once you have one it tends to attack and ravage many areas of the body. No matter how many drugs are slung at these diseases, they usually progress and many times end fatally. At its best, modern medicine merely manages the chronic diseases, controlling, never curing them.

We as a people have become “medicalized.” That is, we are accustomed to view as normal the taking of powerful biopharmaceuticals at all stages of life. Yearly, more vaccines are created and soon touted as indispensable for health. We think it reasonable that young children be on antidepressants. Stimulants for children with ADHD? We think nothing of it. Adults never question taking one or more antihypertensive medicines—for life! We like the idea of mood elevators, of all manner of surgery to rearrange flesh to make it more pleasing to someone else’s eye. Few are those over age fifty who take no biopharmaceuticals. It is sad how Big Pharma and medical doctors have conditioned us to look forward to the next miracle drug. The silent truth? Chronic disease steals ever onward, unrelentingly.

How often does a patient get diagnosed first with migraines and, later, hypertension, then hypothyroidism, then vague arthritic pains? Soon the digestion becomes problematic. Perhaps the patient has chronic anxiety or depression. The treatment? One or more pharmaceuticals for each problem. In the above hypothetical, the patient would usually be on six or more drugs prescribed by an array of specialists, none of whom talk to each other. If the drugs are stopped, the diseases burst forth, much like the Hydra with its nine heads.

The very notion that a chronically ill person could be taken off their drugs and restored to health to depend on nothing more than a good diet, clean air and water, is an idea whose time has not yet come.

Or has it? Homeopathic medicine, in the hands of a carefully trained homeopath, routinely treats chronic diseases, routinely gets patients off some or all of their meds and actually restores health. This is our idea of “wellness.” It means a healthy mind and body functioning optimally without pharmaceuticals and where even the homeopathic medicine is no longer or rarely needed. The classically trained homeopath (more on that later on) treats any and all chronic, hydra-headed diseases with only one homeopathic medicine at a time! More on our methodology in the book.

Homeopathy is effective. It is gentle. And, it is completely safe. It will be the purpose of this book to inform the reader that this is not idle boasting, but true. It will do so by explaining the theory of homeopathy and by reporting a number of interesting, cured cases.

“Energy is the only life and is from the Body and Reason is the bound or outward circumference of Energy.” William Blake.