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What About Injuries?

Homeopathy has been so successful in treating all sorts of traumatic injuries that the stories are legendary. Every household should have a bottle of Arnica, the plant which in homeopathic form can swiftly help most soft tissue injuries. Watch the swelling go down, the black and blue marks recede, and the pain diminish. It is a wonderful remedy, and it needs no expertise to use.

There are other medicines for strains, sprains, fractures, burns, and even serious problems such as head injuries. Any severe injury should be seen by a doctor, but contact your homeopath immediately and find out which remedy will help the healing along. The medicines for trauma are easy to use and extremely effective. They belong in every Emergency Room and one day, hopefully, they will be.

Arnica, the First-Aid Remedy
(every household should have a bottle of this on hand)

Take 3 pellets of 30x or 30c potency Arnica every 4 hours
(more often if the injury is severe).

Note: If you are under constitutional treatment, it is best to check with your homeopath before taking Arnica.