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Born again–how Opium brought new life to a two month old infant

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A woman I had not seen or spoken to in 21 years called to make an appointment for her husband. As I was about to hang up, she said, “Mind if I tell you a story?”

“Not at all,” I said.

She then told how 21 years ago she had taken her newborn daughter to see me as the infant would not make eye contact and was nursing feebly.

“You treated her with Opium,” she said, “and the results were miraculous.”

I had no recollection of the incident and asked her to elaborate.

She said that when she was seven months pregnant she stepped off a curb, turning her ankle and fell onto her pregnant belly. “It was a game changer,” she said. “Contractions began immediately and I went straightaway to the hospital where they put in an IV and hydrated me. The contractions stopped. I was able to carry her another ten days when my water broke and I needed an emergency C-section.”

She went under general anesthesia and the child was born about two months premature. She went immediately into the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for three weeks. During the first few days, she was rarely allowed to hold her baby or to feed her. Once home, nursing was difficult as the infant could not latch on properly.

“The child would not make eye contact,” she said. “She wasn’t there. She was in her own world. After you gave her Opium, it was BOOM! she came into her body within minutes. She made eye contact and started sucking better. In my mind that was when she was born. She started to interact with people. It was as if the curtain went up and the play began. I’ve always felt a great debt of gratitude.”

Homeopathic Opium is of great use after trauma, both physical as well as emotional trauma. Presumably, when her mother fell violently forward onto her belly, the child in utero was stunned. We can imagine that, instinctively, the child decided she was in a hostile, dangerous environment, one that she would have preferred not to be in. Opium, when smoked or eaten, is known to produce, among many other symptoms, a general depression of the sensorium, that is to say, those parts of the brain that receive, process and interpret sensory impressions. Persons under the influence of opium can become generally unresponsisve with a dullness and indifference to their surroundings. This child was in such a state which is why homeopathic Opium was able to bring her out of it. In effect, Opium removed her reluctance to be born and be in this world. Thanks to Opium, this child was reborn.