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Homeopathy Does Not Treat Diseases

As strange as it might sound, the homeopath does not treat diseases per se. He or she treats the individual who happens to have x, y, or z pathology. A homeopath does not limit his treatment to any one area of the body by concentrating his therapy on, say, arthritis or bronchitis or headaches or hay fever or depression. Rather, he treats all aspects – mental, emotional and physical – of the person who happens to have arthritis or bronchitis or headaches or hay fever or depression.

The homeopath sees each patient as a unique individual with a unique personality and unique symptoms. This means that six persons with infectious mononucleosis (mono) might each get a different homeopathic remedy even though they shared the same diagnosis. The diagnosis is important but not all important. Most significant to the homeopath would be the way in which each of the patients reacted to their mono. Each would react somewhat differently and in those differences would lie clues to the curative homeopathic medicine.

The simple answer is that homeopaths treat most illnesses whether they are of a general medical, pediatric, gynecological, or psychological nature. Naturally, not all illnesses can be cured. Ask your homeopath whether he or she thinks homeopathy can help you.

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