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Caught in a web. Paralyzed with fear. Rescued by a cobra.

A divorced woman came in initially complaining of some mild skin and genital itching. But that was mostly a pretext. Actually, she was frantic. Her ex-husband had just filed a suit that, if successful, could result in their sixteen year old son having to live with his father instead of her. He had tons of […]

Dyslexia + Failure to grow–both improved

The correct homeopathic medicine can correct more than one problem at the same time as the following case of dyslexia and failure to grow illustrates. Sam, a boy of slight build, born in July 1996, was brought in by his mother with the complaint of “slow growth” and “low weight.” Indeed, at 59 ½ lbs, […]

Aconite may be useful in “broken heart syndrome.”

Homeopathic Aconite may be an excellent first line of treatment in persons suffering a heart attack. It turns out there is more than one kind of heart attack. In the typical one, one of the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle becomes blocked causing that part of the heart muscle fed by […]

The Man Who Asked His Wife to Stand on his Buttocks, Terrible Low Back Pain Cured with Colocynthis

I know. It sounds bizarre: a man who asks his wife to stand on his buttocks. Well, let’s try to understand what lead up to this apparently bizarre activity. Cosmo, a burly 49 year old Greek immigrant, was changing a tire one day in 2002. As he lifted the tire he felt a sudden severe […]

Cars Whizzing By—No Sense of Danger, Lyme Disease Cured by Homeopathic Opium

In homeopathic prescribing it is often a strange trait or habit that leads us to the correct medicine. Such was the case of a man with Lyme Disease who had virtually no sense of danger even when in a dangerous situation. How his fearlessness lead to the medicine that cured him is the subject of […]

Brown Recluse Spider Bite Treated With Homeopathy

BROWN RECLUSE SPIDER BITE TREATED WITH HOMEOPATHY A three year old child, bitten on her left forearm by a Brown Recluse Spider, was hospitalized. She was lying on her back and not very responsive to any stimulation—verbal or touch. She had been unresponsive for many hours. She was covered in perspiration. Temperature 100.3ºF. The venom […]

What Can I Expect During My First Consultation With a Homeopathic Doctor?

The homeopathic interview is unlike any interview in the rest of medicine.  You will find your homeopath knows how to listen and knows how to ask questions.  You will be encouraged to speak at length about your problems, and he or she will ask you further questions about many aspects of your life, including: How […]

What Do I Expect Now That I’ve Been Treated?

Hopefully you’ll start to get better. This can be rapid if it is an acute problem or slow if it is a deeper problem. If you have been very ill for years it will take months. Sometimes the patient feels worse in the first day or two or three. This is actually a good thing […]

How Often Will My Homeopath Want to See Me?

In general, the classical homeopath will want to do a follow up consultation in a month or six weeks. He waits this long to allow the medicine to act. Follow-up visits are much shorter than the initial one. If he or she is satisfied that you are progressing, you will continue on the same medicine. […]

You Keep Referring to “Classical” Homeopathy. What Other Kinds of Homeopathy Are There?

The simple answer is the classical homeopath uses one and only one medicine at a time. Other practitioners give combinations of homeopathic medicines. While these often act, one never knows which of the various ingredients actually did the job, so it is difficult to be precise. Also combinations often give momentary relief and the underlying […]

Do Homeopathic Medicines Cause Side Effects?

A side effect is a harmful, possibly damaging, effect – common in pharmacologicals. Homeopathic medicines do not cause side effects. The homeopathic aggravation, when it occurs, is not a side effect but a direct effect. Homeopathic medicines are eminently safe. Incidentally, homeopathic medicines are monitored by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) which regularly inspects the […]

Do Homeopathic Medicines Act Slowly or Quickly?

Both. In acute illnesses the remedies often act swiftly, sometimes within minutes. (For instance, it is common to see a child with a hot, inflamed throbbing ear and a high fever who is howling with pain drop off to sleep in one or two minutes after homeopathic Belladonna.) In chronic illnesses the person usually gets […]

If a Person is Being Treated With Drugs, Can He or She be Treated Homeopathically at the Same Time?

In an ideal practice, the homeopath would only see patients who were free from the symptom-suppressing effects of drugs. Drug-free patients provide clearer symptoms making it easier to choose the appropriate homeopathic medicine. In the real world, however, it could be dangerous for the patient with a chronic illness to stop drugs so they will […]

Do Homeopaths Use Vitamins, Minerals or Herbs?

Though not a nutritionist, I do recommend a few vitamins and minerals. Massive doses can be a problem, however. If you are on, say, megadoses of vitamin C daily, and it is keeping you from getting colds, you may very well find that you get colds again when you stop it. (In such a case […]

What is the Responsibility of the Patient Who Undertakes Homeopathic Treatment?

Be a good observer of yourself. Note what feels bad and what makes your symptoms better and worse. The more you can tell the better. You can bring in your previous medical records if you like. They will be appreciated, but they are not necessary for the homeopath to prescribe for you. Be candid. Tell […]