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Problems with our healthcare system. What homeopathy can offer.

It is universally agreed: our healthcare system costs too much and does not work well. As a conventionally trained M.D., who opted years ago to practice homeopathy, I would like to offer my observations on both the conventional and the homeopathic way of approaching illness. The current gargantuan and enormously complex healthcare system needs to […]

Homeopathy Does Not Treat Diseases

As strange as it might sound, the homeopath does not treat diseases per se. He or she treats the individual who happens to have x, y, or z pathology. A homeopath does not limit his treatment to any one area of the body by concentrating his therapy on, say, arthritis or bronchitis or headaches or […]

Do Homeopathic Physicians Treat Mental and Emotional Conditions?

The answer is a resounding yes. Many cases of depression (including suicidal depression), manic depression, and phobias have been successfully resolved using homeopathy. I have personally been able to wean patients off antidepressants such as Prozac and other drugs using homeopathy. A key point: Once the patient begins to improve, only then do we take […]

What About Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)? Other Behavioral Problems?

Children with Attention Deficit Disorder (with or without hyperactivity) have been helped through homeopathic treatment. The best book on the subject is Ritalin Free Kids by J. Reichenberg-Ullman and R.Ullman. Homeopathy has has won accolades in a host of other behavioral problems including extremely angry, violent children; dopey, spacy, inattentive kids; chronic liars; children with […]

My Child Keeps Getting Ear Infections One After the Other. Antibiotics Get Her Over the Acute Episode, But Do Nothing to Prevent Another One. Can Homeopathy Help?

Yes. Most cases of otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear) can be treated with homeopathy. In fact, some parents become so proficient in treating acute illnesses with homeopathy that they rarely, if ever, have to take their children to the pediatrician. However, when it comes to chronic otitis with fluid behind the eardrum, it […]

My Child is Always Sick With Colds and Flus and Sore Throats. What Should I Do?

Frankly, it’s almost a waste of time to treat each acute illness with acute homeopathic remedies or drugs. What the child needs is a deep-acting remedy which we call his or her constitutional medicine. Such a medicine will act strongly to strengthen the immune system so that all of those acute problems will become a […]

What About Pregnancy and Delivery?

Many a difficult pregnancy has been helped by skillful homeopathic prescribing whether it be a pregnancy-related problem or a sickness that coincides with the pregnancy. Completely safe for both mother and child, homeopathic medicines can help resolve problems which arise during labor, delivery, and the post-partum period. You will, however, need a prescriber with know-how […]

What About Colic? or Teething?

Again, yes. Teething is often simple, and any over-the-counter homeopathic mixture containing Chamomilla will usually work. Colic can be tougher and may require constitutional prescribing.

Do I Always Need to Give My Child Penicillin When He Has a Strep Throat?

A certain strain of strep known as Group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus can cause scarlet fever and rheumatic fever, both of which are uncommon even when untreated. The incidence of rheumatic fever in patients with untreated strep ranges from 0.1% to 3%, with most cases thought to occur in malnourished persons living in overcrowded conditions. However, […]

Can Homeopathy Do Anything for Hot Flashes?

The hot flashes associated with menopause are not simple to treat. There are many homeopathic medicines known to help but, in general, it will be the constitutional medicine which will work best. You will need an expert homeopath.

Many Women Get Cystitis From Time to Time. Do They Always Need Antibiotics?

No. There are homeopathic medicines which can cure acute cystitis making antibiotics unnecessary. However, if a woman shows a tendency to develop recurrent cystitis then she has a constitutional problem which must be treated with the appropriate constitutional medicine. Home Remedy for Cystitis (for acute, not chronic, cystitis): Place 1 bunch of parsley and 1 […]

Can Homeopathy Do Anything for Asthma?

Yes, but not overnight. Most asthmatics tend to be highly allergic. Only as the immune system strengthens under homeopathic treatment will the allergic tendency reduce and the asthma improve. It can take a long time especially in adults who often are on multiple inhalers and other medicines. These drugs make it difficult to discern clearly […]

I Know Someone Who Has Never Been the Same Since the Death of a Loved One. Can Anything Be Done?

Some of my most rewarding experiences as a homeopathic doctor have been in treating such people and there are many, many of them. Sometimes their grief is so heavy that they remain depressed and discouraged for years. Sometimes they manifest their grief in the form of physical problems. The correct homeopathic medicine can make a […]

What About Injuries?

Homeopathy has been so successful in treating all sorts of traumatic injuries that the stories are legendary. Every household should have a bottle of Arnica, the plant which in homeopathic form can swiftly help most soft tissue injuries. Watch the swelling go down, the black and blue marks recede, and the pain diminish. It is […]

I Have to Have an Operation. Can Homeopathy Help Me to Heal Faster?

Very definitely so. Homeopathy can help counter the effects of anesthesia, if there are any, and it can help the surgical wound to heal faster. Also some patients have trouble voiding and/or having a bowel movement after surgery, and homeopathy can be useful there too. Many patients have reported that their surgeon was quite surprised […]

What About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is admittedly a difficult illness, but every good homeopath has cured some cases – usually within a matter of several months. As always in homeopathy, there is no specific homeopathic medicine for CFS. Only the medicine which covers all the symptoms, emotional as well as physical, can cure.

And Candidiasis?

Candidiasis is another difficult illness which many people ascribe to the overuse of antibiotics. Yes, it too can be helped with carefully prescribed homeopathic medicines.

Can Homeopathy Treat Pets?

By all means. Dogs, cats, birds, cows, horses, pigs, and other animals are very sensitive to homeopathic medicines. There are some veterinarians who specialize in homeopathy, and they report good results.

What About the Geriatric Population?

Many older persons are over medicated making it difficult to determine whether their complaints are drug related or due to a disease. For them homeopathy could be a boon. These people should be treated only by well-trained homeopathic physicians who will be able to judge which drugs they can discontinue and when.

You Make it Sound Like Homeopathy Can Do Anything. What Can’t it Help?

A good question. There are many illnesses which are too advanced or simply too difficult to help. Homeopathy has not been shown to have helped many neurological problems such as Parkinson’s, Alzeheimer’s, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Insulin dependent diabetes is a difficult illness to treat. Most diabetics have not been able to get off insulin […]