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Homeopathy and Modern Medicine Contrasted

The world has long been seeking a way of healing that works deeply and gently to restore the sick to health. Homeopathy is such a way of healing, a medicine that can soothe the disturbances we call “disease”, calming them until what had been a torment subsides. Homeopathy works from the core outward, from the […]

Problems with our healthcare system. What homeopathy can offer.

It is universally agreed: our healthcare system costs too much and does not work well. As a conventionally trained M.D., who opted years ago to practice homeopathy, I would like to offer my observations on both the conventional and the homeopathic way of approaching illness. The current gargantuan and enormously complex healthcare system needs to […]

Provings—What They Are—Why They Matter

How do we know how our homeopathic medicines function? How do we know what each medicine can cure? We know because of PROVINGS. So what is a proving? Let’s start simply. Say you don’t react well to cow’s milk. Every time you drink milk you get diarrhea. Whenever you drink milk you “prove” that milk […]

The Vital Force And The Preparation Of The Medicines

THE VITAL FORCE AND THE PREPARATION OF THE MEDICINES I. The Vital Force The vital force is a non-material essence that animates all living organisms. For Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, all health and all disease depend on the condition of this vital force. He maintains, in his most important work, Organon of Medicine, that […]

Chronic Illness

WHAT IS CHRONIC DISEASE AND CAN IT BE CURED? A chronic disease is an illness that is long-lasting and often permanent. It usually cannot be cured but only palliated, that is, made somewhat endurable. According to Wikepedia nearly one in two Americans, somewhere around 150 million, have a chronic disease. There are hundreds of chronic […]

Differences Between Conventional Medicine And Homeopathy

SOME WAYS HOMEOPATHY AND CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE DIFFER One could say that conventional medicine looks at a sick individual piecemeal, that is, one part or problem at a time. Homeopathic medicine looks at the same individual in a more total way—all the symptoms all together. Each prescribes accordingly. Many people in their fifties and older develop […]

What Is Homeopathy And What Does It Mean?

WHAT IS HOMEOPATHY AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Homeopathy is the science of treating sick people based on the principle that anything a medicinal substance can cause in the way of symptoms, that same substance can cure those same symptoms when they appear in a sick person. Now, that’s a mouthful. To be very simple, […]

Treating Pain With Homeopathy

Pain probably sends more people to doctors than anything else. Naturally, every doctor tries to find out what is causing the pain and then remove it if possible. Dentists are excellent at pinpointing pain and then fixing it. Doctors have a tougher time as the cause is not always knowable. Migraine headaches, for example, usually […]

Why We Seek Relief

PEOPLE GO TO DOCTORS TO BE CURED. SO WHAT IS A CURE? CAN HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE CURE? You have visited this website to find a homeopathic M.D. or learn a little something about homeopathy. Perhaps both. Presumably you want to know more about homeopathy because conventional medicine is not helping you (or someone you know and […]