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General Homeopathy sites:
The number of homeopathy websites has become huge and is growing larger every day. Using a good search engine works well for most things, but if you’re looking for a one-stop entry point, try one of the following:


Minimum Price Homeopathic Books carries low priced homeopathic books, including homeopathic books by Dr. Karl Robinson, MD.

You can get a list of homeopaths from the National Center for Homeopathy. If you join the NCH, you will receive a very informative monthly newsletter.
This is probably the most comprehensive (US-based) homeopathy site on the web. From this site, you can find almost all others.
David Little’s site, which includes many essays and articles on classical prescribing, with a special focus on the LM posology.
Check out the only homeopathic magazine on the internet: Homeopathy Online. This site also links to the lyghtforce homeopathy mailing list, a lively discussion forum for homeopathic enthusiasts.
Steve Waldstein’s invaluable referral list to recommended classical homeopaths in the United States and Canada.

Proving Sites:
Proving information is relatively scarce on the internet, but the following sites provide a start:

This is the site of the Dynamis School in the UK and it provides a database of information on many provings, new and old, including who conducted the proving and when. It does not, however, provide any proving content currently, but hopes to do so in the future.
This is the site of Lou Klein’s Homeopathic Master Clinician Courses. It provides information on the following provings: Helodrilis caliginosis (earthworm); Loxosceles reclusa (brown recluse spider); Carbon dioxide and Coriandrum.
In many ways, this proving report of Hydrocyanic acid (conducted by the Society Gaucha of Homeopathy in Brazil) should be a model to anyone writing up a proving. It provides all the data of a first-class scientific report. Planete Homeo is an excellent French homeopathy web site, which includes an English-language subsection.